Engineering Manager

Currently working @Formidable. I have a wide range of experience including managing engineers, leading teams, and delivering global applications for clients such as TechStyle, Condé Nast, HSBC, and Freshfields. I'm happy that I'm able to balance the people-focussed aspects of an Engineering Manager role while also continuing to contribute code and advance my skills as an engineer.

I'm a big fan of OSS and love working with anything that helps developers build great apps; I prioritise DX and believe that the best outcomes are achieved when teams are motivated and empowered.


Adapting Team Dynamics in Response to Change

Team dynamics are definitively more of an art than a science, however they are crucial to collaborative and organisational success. This post looks at adapting a team’s dynamic as a direct response to change.

An Overview of Performance in JavaScript Applications

There are many facets to performance that can be considered; each project will have a different set of requirements and may need to focus on performance more or less depending on what is trying to be achieved.

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